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Environmental protection control information system

AAKIS - an information system accumulating, processing and depicting environmental protection violation distribution data on a map of the Republic of Lithuania state control of environmental protection.

AAKIS - the environmental protection control information system records all data on environmental violations: protocols for administrative offenses issued to offenders, administrative instructions, decisions, fines. With the help of the system, national plans of inspections of enterprises or other control objects are drawn up, the results of inspections are recorded in the system, inspection reports, mandatory instructions, economic fines are drawn up. The system provides electronic reporting of potential environmental breaches or events. Citizens of the Republic of Lithuania have the opportunity to submit a report if they see that an environmental offenses incident has occurred: taking off the waste in the environment, the forest is burning, etc. The reports submitted are investigated by environmental officials. The notifier can see the status of the report and the results of the investigation. The system provides the possibility for legal companies to provide data to environmental protection agencies electronically. The project was executed by order of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania.

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